The world is awash in data, and you need someone to tackle your data problem. The issue is that the data isn't all cleaned up and ready to be operated on. Laurium Labs brings the software development skills needed to extract your data sources and the experience to build analysis pipelines that allow for repeatable and traceable results.

Deep understanding of the statistics

Laurium Labs has experience with mathematical statistics, establishing rates of convergence for maximum likelihood estimators. This focus on reaching deep insight into how the math behind the analysis is imperative to choosing the right algorithms and models for your use case and avoiding overfitting the analysis to the data.

Software development chops

Laurium Labs writes code. Not just any code, but maintainable, useable code. Our end product isn't going to be a set of scripts cut off from source control. We don't step back and expect others to do the dirty work of making data amendable to analysis. Crucially, the analysis will also be treated as any software project, with repeatable and traceable results.

Passion for Data Analysis

I wrote a just for fun package MessengerAnalyze.jl that allows for the exploration of messaging activities on Facebook. Get a grasp on just the beginning of what Facebook knows about you!

Beautiful data visualizations

Laurium Labs will go the extra mile to make sure you can digest the data through visually appealing charts. One example that we have often produced is heatmaps. Another example is the composition of words and a chart to provide context such as what words were being used, and important milestones such as starting to date or getting married in Messaging Chloe. v1