Modeling and Simulation

Dynamic systems are often at the core of your problem. It is difficult to predict what ripple effects changing part of the system can have on your system. Laurium Labs can build a model for you, including the hard work of researching and estimating the dozens of constants that are involved in your problem.

Ever wonder how the thermal dynamics of sauna work? Laurium Labs built a software package that models the thermal dynamics of a sauna. Check it out at

Thermal Imagery of Sauna

Image Analysis

Imagery has been cheaper to collect than ever, but how do you extract value from your imagery? Let Laurium Labs apply their knowledge of image science to your problem.

Digital image correlation is the science of determining deformation and displacement from imagery. Laurium Labs produced a software package called [DIC.jl] that takes an innovative approach to computing these displacement and distortion fields. Traditional approaches compute a displacement vector for each pixel in the original image to a displacemnt. Laurium Labs created a method for a single function to predict displacments across image space and time.
Check it out at


Doing FEA and CFD correctly takes a great deal of research into parameters, load cases, coefficients, and solvers. A "common-sense" check of the results is also necessary to sniff out what doesn’t make sense. Laurium Labs has years of experience with finite solvers to help you with your simulation needs.

While working with REL (the technology has been spun off to Loukus Tech), Brent ran all internal analysis for a ARPA-E grant for a conformable natural gas tank that went onto several rounds of funding and met many of the technical goals of the project before a fall in gas prices lowered interest in natural gas as a fuel.

Thermal Imagery of SaunaARPA-E conformable natural gas tank modeling and simulationRead Blog Post
Sure Pulse

Data Processing

Measuring what happens in your system is very important. Processing that data into a useful format takes work. Laurium Labs can process your data, apply the correct mathematics, and display it to you with a beautiful UI.

Sure Pulse

High strain rate events are the very violent events that happen around us. Unfortunately, materials behave differently at high strain rates than at the normal test equipment allows. These high strain rate tests must be run on specialized equipment called a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB). Custom software from Laurium Labs processes this data from raw voltage readings to stress strain plots.

Data Analysis

Ever have a large database that makes you curious about what hidden patterns lie within? Not sure how to start extracting that data? Laurium Labs can parse your data and do exploratory analysis to help you make the best use of your data.


Laurium Labs has produced a software package called MessengerAnalyze.jl that parses the html format of Facebook’s archive to a Data Frame and analyzes Facebook Messenger conversations. To see this analysis applied to Brent's conversation with his wife from before dating to marriage, read here:

Messaging Chloe

Software Development

Julia is an emerging language in technical and scientific development. Laurium Labs has three years of experience in Julia, and has strong relationships with other Julia developers. See below for examples of our work. You can rely on Laurium Labs for your Julia development needs.